Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Well........lets see now , its 04.40 on a lovely poxy cold (what days is it).............thursday morning and once again no sleep.
im new to all this bloggin stuff and me and computer dont get on too well so im goin to say that this is goin to get messy with lots of migrains and that weird vein that sticks outta me forehead when i really wanna throw the laptop outta the window.
so here it well since been on the auld dole ive figured out that i really do miss workin, theres only so much smoking, x box 360 online, and job searchin u can do before u go slightly mad. and i think i reached that limit about 3 months ago, but in sayin that the new call of duty modern warfare did come out and there something special in that game thats kinda keepin me sane,(and i do mean kinda) .
ive never needed much sleep but gettin only a few hours a night cant be good for u, this just makes the day drag the fuk along and weirdly enought i still cant sleep at night coz im goin mad that i have to do it all over again the next day. i need sum sort of hobbie/interest to keep me tickin over till the work starts coming back in.
i was thinkin about fas courses but after a meetin i had with one of there people i figured out that fas thinks that ireland is made up of people who only wanna do computer courses or how to start a bussiness. now i now that there are many course out there in fas but i just cant seem to find on that suits me. when i was in talkin to the lady behind the desk at fas i asked her a simple question, do u have any trade courses goin on? like joinery or furniture making, to which i got the reply....... computer sez nooooo, but she did offer me a kitchen fitting course to which i replied.......darlin, u have my cv and all my details in front of u and if u bothered to read them u would see that ive done 3 year in a kitchen and wardrobe company. oh yer she sez, u could run the course with that experience, now i though to myself fukin lovely she offer in me a job.....................bitch was only makin a point, i mean what sick fuk would tease someone like that, she drags me into a meetin away from my lovely couch watchin mind numbing reruns of grand design to take the piss outta me. oh it gets better too. so i was a bit off pissed at that stage and she asks me how was the job hunting goin? to which i replied yer great im a carpenter in a recession with absolutely no building work goin on (she didnt seem to care what i was sayin) , so she looked up form her computer and sez well there loads of work goin in Australia for trades men, now at this point im goin mad in my brain but keepin it calm on the out side and look up at her and in a very calm voice and sez...... really darlin Australia u say, loads of work there u say, right well seen as im on the dole and only gettin 204 a week payin rent,bills,insurance and all the other general crap that goes with living i kinda think it'll be hard for me to get the 2000 euros in the bank, plane tickets and anything else ill need on that type of money. yer i guess your right the dumbass sez to me.......................................................what bout canada there lookin for trades men too u know.......WOW after that i switched off and though about how long it would take to have me back on my couch watchin fukin re runs of grand design.